Editors:- Ewan C Neilson and James R Muir

Aberlour Press Renewables

Aberlour Press Limited has published four books and the new fifth book just published in its second edition.  A Guide to the New Energies is an introductory guide to the new energy sources and new energy solutions in moving through the Energy Transition from fossil fuel based energy to a Net Zero energy system based on clean and renewable energies.  It is a free issue to all on registration.  This represents a significant contribution to training, learning and education in this area.

A Guide to the New Energies is a book that has been produced largely by young people in Stronachs LLP law firm and its consultants and it brings together a review of some of the new energy sources which will become important in society over the next 20 years.  The second edition has been published after the 28th Conference of the Parties which was delivering on the goals set out in the Paris Agreement. 

The new Book in its second edition is a unique publication in that it attempts to bring together, in a summary form, some of the most important new energies in Scotland, the United Kingdom and internationally which are being adopted, together with other countries to achieve the goals set out in the Paris Agreement and subsequent Treaties.  We are all now going on an Energy Transition journey, some at a faster pace than others.  The Energy Transition and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions now is mainstream in almost all counties in the world as our human species and other species are threatened unless substantial progress is made shortly on the reduction of greenhouse gases and the transition to Net Zero.  Aberlour Press Limited has produced A Guide to the New Energies to provide summaries and inform readers that may be interested in climate change on the energy solutions involved in those subjects. 

Aberlour Press Limited is a specialist publisher for the Energy Industry.  All of its published guides have been produced with accessibility in mind; the narrative is easy to read and the text is augmented with thoughtful and relevant use of illustrations and photographs.

There have been some 24 people involved in writing this second edition.

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